The Power of a Quick Reply – Courtesy of Kathy Wolfe Photography

I really admire the work of professional photographer Kathy Wolfe. She achieves very saturated, glowing images that often seem to sparkle. It’s a particular style, and one that I really like. My curiosity, along with my desire to build upon my own style and knowledge, compelled me to send her an e-mail yesterday, asking about how she achieves the look. Occasionally I’ve fired off a note to a blogger here or there, on a variety of topics (not just photography). My experience over the years, though, has led me to have low expectations for a thoughtful response. Much less a timely one.

But tonight, sitting down to my laptop, a response came in from Kathy, less than 24 hours after my original note. She was forthcoming with some details about how she shoots and edits her images, and overall very encouraging and friendly. I was surprised and impressed. I regularly read her blog and subscribe to her RSS feed, but now, as a result of her quick and kind response, my impression of her has been elevated. Her professionalism and grace are evident, and it can’t but help have an impact on how I view her work.

Now, Kathy and I will likely never meet face-to-face, and we’re not likely to run into one another on the street, each with our cameras in hand. So an argument could be made that Kathy’s efforts, while admirable, won’t really have much impact on her bottom line. Well, this misses the point. First, these days, the world is smaller than we often realize and circumstances could result in a referral or contract coming from an unlikely location–you just never know. Second, goodwill travels fast. Google makes research an easy thing these days. And someone looking for a photographer, or dentist, or stylist, or mechanic, or videographer, or financial advisor, or… will use the web to see what people think. So whether Kathy Wolfe and I are in the same city or region is really irrelevant. And ultimately, Kathy’s communications ability, both visually and through the written word, can only be of benefit to her.


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