My 5, My Faves, My Goodness!

Driving the other day I suddenly heard the latest advertising pitch from Rogers Wireless for their new My 5 student plan. You might remember that a while back Rogers came out with their My 5 plan, where you can assign any five local numbers for unlimited talk and text. Then Telus countered with their own version of My 5, called My Faves. Then, eager to trump Rogers as September and the start of a new school year neared, Telus rolled out their My Faves Student plan. This gave students eight people to be in touch with. Great! Three more people than Rogers. Things were looking up. Well, now Rogers has their own student version of My 5, offering ten people!

Now, aside from the confusion of being on a My 5 plan yet actually being connected to ten people (Telus made the wiser choice of not being tied to a specific number; My Faves Student is quite a bit more distinct and logical than a My 5 Student scheme that actually gives you double the advertised number) I can’t help but think that the wireless industry is starting to sound more and more like the razor industry. You can still buy razors with one measly blade, but these days it’s all about the multi-blade action. What was once a joke is now reality. The Gillette Fusion has six blades: five for shaving and one on the back for touch-ups! It seems every year we’re treated with an escalation in blade numbers. It’s absurd.

At least with the phone industry there’s a chance that some real savings might be had by the “My” plan wars, even if the advertising doesn’t make sense.
One last thing: when a manual razor needs “instructions,” you know things have gone too far (click “How to Use” once the page is loaded).


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