March of Dimes Baby

January 28, 2008

This interface is fantastic. Beautifully executed, impossible not to watch. Great use of Flash. Wow.


Whopper Freakout Freakin’ Funny

January 8, 2008

Check out Whopper Freakout. Funny stuff! I noticed the TV commercials recently and decided to check it out, especially since it’s from Burger King and I still remember the great Subservient Chicken campaign of a few years ago. It’s a great short doc about spoofing customers by telling them they no longer serve the Whopper. I have no emotional connection whatsoever to Burger King–or any fast-food outlet, come to think of it–but for the people they managed to catch of video, this news really hit home. It’s interesting how Burger King has used rude chickens and a low-quality video spoof to differentiate itself from McDonald’s. When I think McD’s I think family, cartoon characters, the Happy Meal! I don’t think they would try something quite like what BK has done since it doesn’t fit their brand. But for BK, they can take more risks. Though interestingly, as a couple of the guys in the video point out, BK may have the elements of a more down-home marketing approach if they wanted to explore that. One guy talks about the right of passage eating a Whopper was growing up–when he was finally able to finish one, that’s when he knew he was a man (seriously)–while another started waxing poetic about driving to another state 30 years ago just to get a Whopper. Classic.

Pension Plan Videos Online

January 6, 2008

Well, the videos are now online! Just before I left on holidays the videos were on the verge of being posted and I’ve noticed they are now live. We’re in the process of developing a marketing strategy for the board to get these videos even greater exposure–I’ll be jumping right back into that when I return from my break.