My Video Wins Award at Victoria Film Festival!

The Victoria Film Festival just wrapped, and I was notified yesterday that my submission to their MyVictoria competition was selected as the winner for the “best family” category!

My short–which will be available online soon–tells the story of my daughter and the support she receives from the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children (QA). My daughter was born without a right hand and forearm, and has been getting help from Queen Alexandra from an early age. They’ve been helping her at every stage of development with things like crawling, balance and muscle development and, more specifically, with her prosthetic arms.  The arms are surprisingly heavy for a baby/toddler, and she recently received a myoelectric arm, which requires a lot of training and support. Through it all she’s been fantastic.

So this year, I committed to myself to produce an entry for the film fest’s video competition and my wife proposed I do something about QA. After some brainstorming and some sketches and simple storyboards, I finally settled on my approach: I figured since it was going to be mostly about a 2-year-old, then the video should feel like a children’s story. So I wrote a poem, which became my script, and started shooting. I then arranged with two of my daughter’s therapists from QA to let me video them working with her. Finally, my wife agreed to read the poem that would become the voice over and she also played an old children’s song on the piano, which I recorded and used as my soundtrack.

Being my first entry into a video competition, I have to say I’m quite happy to have won. It was a gratifying little project regardless, but it’s always nice to be recognized.

Now I’ll just have to wait to see if my recent Gold Quill Award submission for the Municipal Pension Plan video series I produced does as well!


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