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EddyI’m a communications professional with a focus–both professionally and personally–in online communications, marketing and video production (though that doesn’t fully sum up who am I and what I do) (how could it?).

This blog is my contribution to the evolving understanding of communications in our wired world.

My blog’s name reflects how I view the new digital world we’re living in. It is, after all, a new media life. Or, another way: New. Media. Life. Collectively or individually I think it sums up the essence of our times and how I’m working to integrate the best it has to offer into my life.

About my tag line–Understanding online communications one pixel at a time. Why “one pixel” at a time? Well, a pixel is the smallest unit that represents information on our screens: without them, we’d be lost. So the humble pixel seems to deserve some elevation in status. Also, as a photographer and designer, communications is not limited to our alphabetic language. We all know what a picture is worth, after all.

Disclosure Statement

I am employed by a crown corporation in British Columbia as a senior communications advisor.

However, the views expressed in this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer.

Eddy Piasentin


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