Tod Maffin On Depression

October 7, 2007

CBC Radio technology columnist and all-round tech/media guru Tod Maffin has spoken publicly
about his battle with depression. Anyone who has followed his blog knows this isn’t a new issue for him, but he has officially made it public, as he explained on CBC Radio.

Tod is one of those guys who has fully embraced the digital age. He’s a futurist and former dot.commer, and he’s always trying new ways of communicating. A little research will easily dig up a wide array of off- and online pursuits, mostly very pioneering stuff. One of the reasons I’ve always liked Tod is that he’s always looking at how technology impacts people. It’s not just about the latest trend, but how these trends are shaping the way we live. Anyone can review a product or service, but few are able to understand the bigger picture and present it in such a compelling, and often humorous, way.

I’m proud to have played a small part in one of his earlier endeavors,, producing two stories for two different episodes. His show was a unique attempt at radio in Canada, running live and interactive across Canada’s time zones show after show, starting on the East Coast and wrapping up on the West.

Anyway, it takes guts to be so candid about such a personal issue, so he has my admiration.