YouTube Remixed Thru You

March 5, 2009

Yesterday on Twitter I received a tweet from crushlovely saying that they were “Enjoying the mix at” Well, Thru You is the most fantastic and talented example of remixing I’ve come across online. The artist, Kutiman, has taken a variety of YouTube video clips and pieced them together to create original music that is, frankly, incredible. Now, the style might not suit everyone–I personally love it–but the effort and talent is unmistakable.

What’s wonderful about this effort is how it illustrates what’s possible today. The web becomes this massive repository of user-generated content–which is itself a huge shift from previous modes of mass communication–and then artists take this a step further, remixing and reinventing, along the way creating original content that, in this case in particular, far exceeds the quality of any one individual piece.

Thru You is inspiring. I can’t remember that last time I was so blown away by something I experienced online, so taken aback that I could feel my pulse quicken and excitement and wonder flow throughout my being. This is creativity, vision and execution perfected. Riveting. Beautiful. Genius.

Do yourself a favour: Check it out.


Talking Twitter at TED

February 28, 2009

Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, was on the TED stage talking up his booming business. He’s a little nervous, but overall the presentation is decent and informative–not exactly one of those stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks TED talks, but interesting nonetheless. I really liked how he used great visuals to support sample tweets; would make Garr Reynolds proud.

Crazy Soccer Skills

February 27, 2009

Amazing, fun soccer skills. Just had to share this one.

(Found via somethingwhacked)

My Victoria Film Fest Winning Video

February 12, 2009

So here is my winning video for the 2009 Victoria Film Festival’s MyVictoria competition. Below the video is a clip from the A Morning news program where they aired the clip on Tuesday. As you’ll see at the end of the news clip, my video had a pretty profound impact on host Astrid Braunschmidt!

And now the A News clip. Unfortunately they had some audio problems at the beginning–and even throughout the entire video.

My Video Wins Award at Victoria Film Festival!

February 10, 2009

The Victoria Film Festival just wrapped, and I was notified yesterday that my submission to their MyVictoria competition was selected as the winner for the “best family” category!

My short–which will be available online soon–tells the story of my daughter and the support she receives from the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children (QA). My daughter was born without a right hand and forearm, and has been getting help from Queen Alexandra from an early age. They’ve been helping her at every stage of development with things like crawling, balance and muscle development and, more specifically, with her prosthetic arms.  The arms are surprisingly heavy for a baby/toddler, and she recently received a myoelectric arm, which requires a lot of training and support. Through it all she’s been fantastic.

So this year, I committed to myself to produce an entry for the film fest’s video competition and my wife proposed I do something about QA. After some brainstorming and some sketches and simple storyboards, I finally settled on my approach: I figured since it was going to be mostly about a 2-year-old, then the video should feel like a children’s story. So I wrote a poem, which became my script, and started shooting. I then arranged with two of my daughter’s therapists from QA to let me video them working with her. Finally, my wife agreed to read the poem that would become the voice over and she also played an old children’s song on the piano, which I recorded and used as my soundtrack.

Being my first entry into a video competition, I have to say I’m quite happy to have won. It was a gratifying little project regardless, but it’s always nice to be recognized.

Now I’ll just have to wait to see if my recent Gold Quill Award submission for the Municipal Pension Plan video series I produced does as well!

Dan Pink’s Latest Book: Johnny Bunko

April 26, 2008

Dan Pink, best-selling author of A Whole New Mind (a great book, by the way) has a new book out, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need. To promote it he has produced the fantastic video trailer above. This is creative, beautiful stuff. Based on this video, and on Garr Reynold‘s distillation of the book in presentation format (see below), I’ve got a copy of the book coming. I can’t wait.

Whopper Freakout Freakin’ Funny

January 8, 2008

Check out Whopper Freakout. Funny stuff! I noticed the TV commercials recently and decided to check it out, especially since it’s from Burger King and I still remember the great Subservient Chicken campaign of a few years ago. It’s a great short doc about spoofing customers by telling them they no longer serve the Whopper. I have no emotional connection whatsoever to Burger King–or any fast-food outlet, come to think of it–but for the people they managed to catch of video, this news really hit home. It’s interesting how Burger King has used rude chickens and a low-quality video spoof to differentiate itself from McDonald’s. When I think McD’s I think family, cartoon characters, the Happy Meal! I don’t think they would try something quite like what BK has done since it doesn’t fit their brand. But for BK, they can take more risks. Though interestingly, as a couple of the guys in the video point out, BK may have the elements of a more down-home marketing approach if they wanted to explore that. One guy talks about the right of passage eating a Whopper was growing up–when he was finally able to finish one, that’s when he knew he was a man (seriously)–while another started waxing poetic about driving to another state 30 years ago just to get a Whopper. Classic.